Shrub & Garden Care

Our Shrub & Garden Care services ensure that these key elements of your landscape are properly maintained and displayed.

Shrubs and gardens provide a beautiful accent to your property and must be tended in order to maintain their health and vigor. Our Shrub & Garden Care services consist of several components:

Planting Bed Health

Shrub PlantingShrubs should be fertilized with specially formulated fertilizer to maintain the health and vigor of the shrubs.  We apply weed controls to the beds maintain their appearance and prevent them from being choked out.

Mulch Application

MulchThere are a variety of mulches and colors. Mulch can consist of shredded wood, peat moss, stone, recycled tires. Wood mulch consist of cedar, hemlock, hardwood, pine. Colors of mulch range from white to black, to red to yellow. The reason for applying mulch is to maintain moisture in the soil and to suppress the growth of weeds. Mulch improves the appearance of the beds.

Flowers and Bulbs

Flower PlantingFlowers and bulbs are planted to provide lasting color to your planting beds. Annual and perennial flowers can add a variety of colors and shapes to your property. Exquisite beauty of the differing flowers adds tremendous appeal to your property.

Shrub Trimming

Shrub TrimmingShrubs must be kept trimmed to achieve a formal appearance. We can prune shrubs to retain their natural shape, or remove branches to maintain the size of the shrub and ensure the health of the plant.

Deer Control

Our all-natural, environmentally-safe deer repellent spray is safe and harmless to humans and animals, but effectively controls deer and small garden animals like rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks and groundhogs. Agricultural studies have found the spray to be 93% effective, and it can be used on lawns, in gardens and on shrubs and trees.


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