7 questions to ask when hiring a landscaping company

Is the lowest price always the best choice?  Before making your decision, you should ask some hard questions.

When you receive estimates from contractors, you may often find that one is much cheaper or more expensive than the other.  Some of the reasons for this can be uncovered by asking some very important questions:

  1. Does the contractor have insurance?
    If one of the contractor’s workers is hurt on your property and the contractor does not have insurance, you are responsible.  Even if the contractor does have insurance, will there be a problem having damage paid for which is not covered by the deductible?  With Armbruster Landscaping, you can rest assured that will not be a problem.  We are fully insured and will gladly supply a Certificate of Insurance upon request.
  2. Does the contractor have the licenses required by law?
    If a contractor does not have a pesticide license, he likely does not have insurance for applying pesticides. Armbruster Landscaping is fully licensed as a New Jersey Home Improvement Contractor and certified pesticide and fertilizer applicator.  We will be happy to supply copies of these licenses upon request.
  3. Are the contractor’s workers on the books?
    Do the contractor’s workers pay taxes? All of our employees are on the books and pay federal and state taxes. Armbruster Landscaping pays the employer’s share of Social Security, Medicare, and NJ unemployment taxes. We comply with labor law and pay time and a half for over 40 hours worked.
  4. Does the contractor dispose of waste legally?
    Armbruster Landscaping has the solid waste permit and a copy of that can be supplied.
  5. Will you see the owner after you sign the contract?
    Supervision is a major problem for many landscape companies. Armbruster Landscaping has three owners: Joe, Sr.; Joe, Jr.; and Matt. The three of us are on the job much of the time.
  6. Does the contractor return phone calls?
    It is a common occurrence to be unable to reach a contractor when you need them.  Armbruster Landscaping returns almost all calls the same day.
  7. Does the contractor have enough trucks and equipment?
    Many small companies cease operations if a truck or an important piece of equipment breaks down. Armbruster Landscaping has extra trucks and equipment to carry out the job.

So is the lower price always better?  You answer it.


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