Comprehensive Lawn Care

The elements of the Comprehensive Lawn Program by Armbruster Landscaping are essential to a vibrant, healthy, growing lawn.

Without a Comprehensive Lawn Care program, your lawn can become filled with crabgrass, choked out by weeds and destroyed by insects – which can take a long time to recover from. The cost of this program is low in comparison with the cost of repairing the damage. Our Comprehensive Lawn Care program consists of the following:


Components of our Comprehensive Lawn Care Program


Fertilization & Lime Application

FertilizerFertilization encourages the growth of the grass plant. Besides greening of the grass, fertilization aids in the growth of the root system of the grass plant. Growing grass fills bare spots in the lawn. Fertilization is applied in April, June, September, and November.

Lime regulates the pH of the soil. If the pH is not regulated, the grass does not grow as well and fertilizer is less effective.


Weed and Pre-Emergent Crabgrass Control

Weed ControlWeed control application reduces the amount of unsightly weeds. If weeds are not controlled, the grass can be choked out.

Pre-emergent crabgrass control prevents the growth of crabgrass. Crabgrass chokes out desirable grass. The color of crabgrass is less appealing than that of more desirable grasses. The coarseness of the crabgrass blades make crabgrass less attractive.


Grub and Surface Insect Control

Grub ControlGrub Control application controls grubs, which are an immature stage in the life cycle of various beetles. Grubs damage grass by feeding on the roots of the grass plant. A lawn severely damaged by grubs can be rolled up as if were a carpet. Small animals such as skunks, raccoons, and crows feed on grubs. The grass is torn up by the digging of the animals. The lawn becomes unsightly and the small animals become a nuisance. Armbruster Landscaping applies grub control as a pre-emergent because the damage may not be immediately obvious especially if a lawn is being watered. When the damage is noticed, it takes time to stop the damage and then the repairs have to be made. Repair of a lawn damaged by grubs can be a major undertaking.

Surface insect control is commonly called chinch bug control. Surface insects such as chinch bugs damage grass by sucking the juices of the blades of grass. If untreated, much damage can be caused by surface feeding insects. This treatment also controls fleas and ticks. For dog owners this can be a big benefit. The proliferation of deer in Bergen County makes tick control very important. Lyme disease is spread by ticks carried by deer. Surface insect control is applied in June.



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