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Our full array of professional services makes Armbruster Landscaping your one-stop shop for the ongoing care and beautification of your property. Please contact us for more information or to get started today.

Lawn Maintenance

Lawn maintenance is far more than just cutting grass.  Our ongoing service consists of grass cutting, weed-eating and precise edging of walks, curbs and beds - with all surfaces fully cleared of debris. Grass is cut weekly for the best appearance and optimal health of the lawn.  Learn More

Comprehensive Lawn Care

Our Comprehensive Lawn Program is the centerpiece of a vibrant, healthy, flourishing lawn.  Our program consists of lawn fertilization, weed & crabgrass control, insect & grub control, and lime application - all spread strategically throughout the year. Learn More

Cleanups & Leaf Removal

A Spring Cleanup shapes up your landscape and prepares the lawn for the upcoming growing season, providing the fresh start your lawn needs to thrive.  Our Fall Cleanup and leaf removal service takes care of clearing all leaves to the street, allowing your lawn to breathe during the rigorous offseason. Learn More

Shrub & Garden Care

Shrubs and gardens provide a beautiful accent to the property and require special care to maintain their health and vigor. We utilize specially formulated fertilizer, apply mulch, trim shrubs and apply weed controls to the beds. Our expert care ensures that your shrubs and flowers remain healthy and beautiful.  Learn More

Landscape Design

Turn your property into your own little slice of paradise with our custom tailored landscape design creations, including Paver Walks, Patios, Driveways, Decorative & Retaining walls, Waterfalls and more.  We work with you throughout the process to turn your vision into a tangible plan, then go to work to make your vision a reality.   Learn More

Commercial Snow Removal

Our Commercial Snow Removal services provide peace of mind and mitigate potential liability issues by ensuring prompt removal of snow from parking lots and walkways.  We have several trucks equipped with snow plows and can service small to large areas.   Rock salt is applied to surfaces to further assist in the clearing & melting process.

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