At Armbruster Landscaping, we offer the following services.  Please contact us for more information.


Landscape Design
Plantings Shrubs, trees, annual and perennial flowers and roses add beauty and color to the landscape.

Slate, stone, brick, railroad ties

Decorative Walls raise beds to showcase the planting

Retaining Walls create a terrace

Pavers Attractive and permanent, paver patios create more living space
Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Creates a beautiful nighttime effect and adds to the security of the homeowner.
Drainage Systems Solves water problems
Grading Improves drainage and contour of property
Topsoil and Compost Improves soil quality to facilitate plant growth
PondsUses water in a unique way to enhance the beauty of the landscape


Lawn Maintenance Weekly upkeep of the landscape
Spring Cleanups Clean winter debris to enhance enjoyment
Fall Cleanups Helps with turf growth
Chemical Programs Provides a lush, dark, green turf that is weed and insect free
Seeding Fills in bare spots and thickens turf
Aeration Eliminates soil compaction to stimulate root growth of turf.
Shrub Trimming Preserves natural shape of shrub and adds to beauty of shrub
Tree Pruning Removal of dead and low-hanging branches

Improves eye appeal of gardens, controls weeds, and retains moisture in the soil

Red, Cedar, Hemlock, Black, Dark Hardwood

Commercial Snow Plowing and Salting Makes property safe and accessible to the public